Civilized or Just Soft? What Has Happened to America?


“A nation or civilization that continues to produce soft-minded men purchases its own spiritual death on an installment plan.”  Martin Luther King Jr.

How long before our elected Congressmen and Senators realize that the Soros machine is making a mockery of them, the American people and everything America stands for; our Constitution, Bill of Rights, and Founding Fathers? How long before they realize that their duty is not to Congress, the Senate, lobbyists or the White House, but to us, the People of the United States of America? And how long before we make them realize that we are not pleased with their lack of leadership and petty infighting, while we watch our beloved Country burning like Rome, while the “Madhatter who would be King”  gloats as he fiddles?

We’ve allowed Government to define the difference between ‘being civilized’ with ‘being soft’. Is it ‘civilized’ to let someone break into your home and destroy it while you watch, without raising a defense? or is it just a ‘soft’, spineless lack of action as you quake in fear of engaging in a physical fight that might end in bloodshed – possibly yours?

Instead of disciplining your child to teach him respect for authority, you’re afraid you will draw attention for ‘uncivilized’ behavior yourself, so you put your baby on medication so he doesn’t get into trouble with authority figures outside your home. You calmly allow your normal, healthy, very active child to be psychologically and physically poisoned into submission rather than promote and back a legislative bill to change the ridiculous laws that restrict you, as a parent, from teaching your child the difference between right and wrong or that give his school the authority to force you to take him to a psychiatrist for wanting to play instead of study. You’d rather hide in your excuses than act in your determination.

You take down your Christmas display because one atheist who lives miles away from you complains to the local news and writes a letter to the editor, or even worse, stands in front of you screaming epithets everyone can hear, accusing you of heinous behavior for choosing to place a Nativity scene in your front yard, on property you personally own and paid for. It doesn’t occur to you to file suit for harassment, have him arrested for his threatening behavior, or even more gutsy, write a bill and vigorously lobby your neighborhood, city, State and Federal lawmakers to change the law that impinges on your personal rights of freedom of religion.

And, has it occurred to anyone that Supreme Court Justices serve America? That ‘We’ the People do NOT serve them? That we have the right to insist that their political leanings or loyalties be excluded from their findings, and that if we can prove otherwise, we should be able to get them dismissed? We insist that any judge over any other court recuse themselves from hearing a case if there is a conflict of interest, but when a Supreme Court Judge finds against granting the expression of a personal freedom, having granted a “for” decision to another supplicant in a “very similar” – too similar to be accidentally overlooked, case months before, we say, “Darn..I can’t believe she would do that, but, oh well, she’s a Supreme Court Justice and unless we appeal and get a different Justice (one who doesn’t owe or want favors to/from the WH) to hear this case, I guess we’ve lost! Good luck with that! One more Justice appointed by this POTUS and all hope of a fair finding by the Supreme Court is lost forever. Just think what the Madhatter can get away with then.

Shame, shame, shame on all of us for not demanding that her finding be immediately overturned and the case resubmitted immediately to a ‘group’ of judges, instead of just one who openly showed a hidden bias.

Face it America and admit the truth. This is not ‘Civilized’ behavior on our part…it just plain soft! Weak-kneed, cowed by fear of being singled out and punished by some bureaucratic agency of the Government for our temerity in broaching the subject that a Supreme Court Justice just took the law into her own hands and got away with it. Is her behavior ‘civilized’? Adherence to the law is one of the definitions of Civilization.

And now we’re faced with the worst possible future of all. That the sitting POTUS might amend the Constitution by Executive Order to allow himself to serve at least 3 if not 4 terms in office, because he thinks he is a King and therefore entitled to have four terms, even though the ‘other’ Democrat who served four terms was re-elected because he revived America, not selling it wholesale like a bargain basement straw hat to the United Nations. Of course, if the Congress is allowed to vote on this insane idea, they will never vote ‘yea’ for Obama and he knows it. But how many times can you allow him to use Executive Orders before the act becomes a precedent? You need to think about this.

The Soros backed and funded socialist/communist machine driving Obama hit the ground running. If we’re waiting to mount the ‘right’ defense, we will never succeed, because they will change their tactics again and again, too fast for us to restructure in timely fashion to stop their latest offensive. By the time we organize a new defensive strategy, they’re two moves ahead of us. It’s happened again and again because our Conservative, Republican, Tea Party, Libertarian and Moderates on the Right are too busy stabbing each other in the back to unite and fight Obama’s machine.

The socialist machine is counting on us to be on the defense instead of the offense; chasing the last dog out the door instead of locking the door first. We must become as ‘offensive’ as they are if we hope to gain ground and do something that will save this Country from their plan of burgeoning socialism, a philosophy that many who embrace it do not even truly understand. It’s offensive to the mind of freedom loving Americans that every move, every thought and every personal value given to us through years of serious consideration by our Founding Fathers be subjected to the ‘group rule’ of socialism, and that Obama’s group leans even more dangerously left, rapidly approaching Fascism and Communism.

I don’t remember reading the word ‘civilized’ in the Bible or the Holy Books of any ‘ancient’ religion. I don’t believe God ever told David, Saul, Joshua, Abraham or Issac, et al,  to deal with an enemy in a ‘civilized’ fashion.  The ‘enemy’ to Jesus was not the Romans, Jews, Samaritans, Pontius Pilate or even the Centurions who nailed him to the Cross. His enemy was Satan. And Jesus had two simple words for him…”Get Out!”. No love lost there, but probably why most demons find it their favorite saying. When you want to scare someone, you always use what frightens you most. Remember that..there’s a test later.

So, Civilized, the word. Let’s look at the definition of civ, civil and civilize+d per the Miriam/Webster Dictionary.

[civ – root: Latin: meaning –  ‘citizen’ ] noun

[civil – Latin: meaning – pertaining to a ‘citizen’ ] adverb

[civilize – to cause to develop out of a primitive state ] First known use: 1601  verb

[civilized – characteristic of a state of civilization <civilized society>; especially : characterized by taste, refinement, or restraint] First known use: 1611  adjective

So, that done, let’s talk.  Who was using the word ‘civil’ in their world, turned it into a verb and later an adjective in the 1600’s? Simple answer: England. The Country our Founding Fathers fled desiring religious and personal freedom. They later had to fight for their freedom and independence from England’s dominating civilization, based on the mores of the wealthy and highly educated. They had enacted so many laws designed to control the people that those that could would rather risk their lives to a leaky wooden boat and sail hundreds of miles across a dangerous ocean than stay in England one day longer. Imagine their disgust when they realized that England saw itself as the ‘owner’ of the colonies as well, and began their policy of domination on these shores to enslave those who fled with the same laws and lack of personal respect. I can only imagine how many adult beverages were consumed in late night anger by the colonists.

What imposing their, ever so English, idea of civilization really meant was that the Crown and Government of England did not trust the ‘common man’ to act in a civil manner in an ‘approved’ way. So instead of allowing the citizens of England to find their own path to civility, the Crowns’ idea of civilized behavior was brutally forced upon their hapless subjects and all sorts of dictated laws followed.

To whit: What religion to observe, what part of your crop or earnings had to be turned over to the Crown, what could be said or not said in public, what you could write for public consumption, what days were holidays, what doctor you could see and when, debtors prison (that was a really ignorant idea) if you could not pay your bills, what foods were approved to eat and what was not, and whether or not you could own a personal weapon. Sound familiar? These are some of the same laws we are now experiencing, thanks to a Federal bureaucratically run FDA, EPA, OSHA, IRS, FBO, USDA, AHRO, AMA, ATF. In fact, the Louisiana State University Federal Agency Directory lists over 1,300 distinct organizations across all three branches of federal government.

“Civil government being the sole object of forming societies, its administration must be conducted by common consent.”  Thomas Jefferson

Somehow, I don’t think this burgeoning collection of imposing Government agencies making decisions with no concern for common consent is what Jefferson had in mind.

“The end of the human race will be that it will eventually die of Civilization.”   Ralph Waldo Emerson

Is there anything in the definitions of ‘civilized’ that tell you that you should never fight? If that were true, being a civilized nation, we would never go to war. Does the definition tell you to  never fight for survival, freedom, your rights, your way of life? NO.  Nothing in the word civilized means, ‘stand down’ while others rape and pillage, devastate and destroy, steal and bully. The very word ‘Civilized’ is used among people who are living in a time of peace, are not at war, but are involved in community discourse, education, and living in a common way with laws they supposedly have approved by common consent. Any other use of this word becomes a theoretical nightmare of conflicting opinions and thoughts that can and have covered a huge distance from the base of the word to the point where the word ‘Civilized’ ceases to construe any part of it’s original definition.

And once again:

“Civil government being the sole object of forming societies, its administration must be conducted by common consent.”  Thomas Jefferson

Since when does governing by Executive Order constitute ‘common consent’? If as the POTUS, you cannot get a majority of the House and Senate to vote a bill into law, what gives you the right to ‘alter’ a Constitutional Amendment, first amended lawfully by common consent of Congress? Nothing. Also changing a Bill that has become Law by Omitting a fundamental clause. Simply ‘wiping’ it from the Bill by Executive Order? Not Constitutionally legal, nor is the Executive Order declaring it ‘invisible’ legally binding.

[Margaret Thatcher, in a TV interview for Thames TV ‘This Week’ on Feb. 5, 1976] Prime Minister Thatcher said, “…and Socialist governments traditionally do make a financial mess. They [socialists] always run out of other people’s money. It’s quite a characteristic of them.”

Many years ago, when I first moved to California, I joined several ‘nature’ groups and other causes that would preserve or protect our forests, pets, wildlife and sea dwelling life forms. All of these groups were either started by Democrats or run by Democrats. Within a very short period of time, the groups had to either disband or change formats to continue. They were all scrapped due to lack of funds. Full of passion they were too. Big promises were made concerning the eventual protection and “life-saving” approach for these animals and greenery, with people cheering and thrilled to their toes, but soon it all fell flat. Why? Because the Democrats that started these causes ran out of money. I found out early that although they had some great ideas and passion behind their sweeping plans and programs, they never figured out how to structure a budget or how to contain their spending. They always wanted everything at once, instead of building support over time and within their means. And I must say, with all the liberal movie stars and music moguls professing support for these causes, I found and several times personally heard them say that they truly disliked giving their money away to anything they didn’t control, to people they didn’t trust to use the money properly. So the causes fell by the wayside and the people involved went on to the next cause, the next group of donators and volunteers. Of course, those at the top made money as they garnered a salary. The rest of us got nothing but a warm smile and limp handshake.

The projects that remained were resurrected and funded by caring Republicans, donating nearly 60 to 70 percent of the total budget. Of course, they also chose people with actual management credentials to run the charity. Odd twist, that.

It was a rude, unhappy awakening for me and when I left CA, I quickly shifted mental gears, took my savings, what common sense I had left and began working for a salary. Hired by Republicans, I quickly found out that you could actually get paid well for your work. They did not expect you to work 24/7 with no compensation, and if political, when they were elected, you actually had a job that lasted…sometimes for many years after they left office. Republicans could budget, create jobs that lasted, form companies and build them into huge enterprises that hired thousands of people. I’m sure that some leading Democrats have also, I, personally, have never met any. I’ve known wealthy Democrats, just none that hired thousands of people.

So, no more meetings in some cabin in the woods talking ‘radical’ dreams that no one could put into action…pretending that you and your friends would someday “free the masses” from the drudgery of working for some supposedly unfeeling-greed driven corporation. Instead, I formed corporations of my own and had great success.


Well now, we’ve all seen how this administration and the mistakes of the previous one have “freed the masses” right into desperate poverty on welfare and foodstamps. Just makes one proud, you know? To see men and women who had dignity and integrity a few years ago, owning their own homes, cars, works of fine art, now sitting in a State run welfare office with people they wouldn’t have even ‘seen’ years before. I actually just had to add the word ‘foodstamps’ to my spell check dictionary or look at a red line highlighting the word for the next few hours. Disgusting.

To be fair, both parties decided to leave mortgage banking to the bankers…huge mistake, and caused the worst recession since the 1930’s. The crash of 2006 wasn’t really Bush Jr’s fault as Mo One was watching the fox in the hen house. Neither party wanted to try and figure out the zigs and zags of Wall Street’s management system, so it imploded, then exploded all over We the People.

Like all dreamers, Obama made big promises without the experience, knowledge and moxie to follow through. He really wasn’t prepared for it. Chosen by Soros to lead the left and accomplish his agenda to sell the USA to the UN, Soros had, like everyone else, not realized the ferocity of the bursting bubble of the American economy. By the time the dust settled, it would be election day. He had no time to choose another. He could have chosen Hillary Clinton, but I doubt he thought her charismatic enough and he knew better than to plan too heavily on  John McCain, even though McCain was also in favor of UN global interests.

His choice to back Obama was shown to be the wise one when McCain chose Gov. Sarah Palin to be his running mate. Obama, by contrast, was, of course, a man, but even better, a black man (trumping the female VP trail-blazing ticket item) and riding on sentiment caused by what was considered ill treatment by the Bush administration of the poverty stricken black Hurricane Katrina victims, he was a virtual sho-in in most of the one-time racist Southern states. Bringing Sen. Joe Biden on board to give the ticket of the inexperienced but charismatic Obama some legitimacy, Obama got elected by a landslide.

It’s possible that Sarah Palin and the Tea Party could have turned the tide for the Republican ticket, but Democrat Geraldine Ferraro had run with Walter Mondale in the VP slot years before and they had also lost. Not because of Ferraro, she was brilliant, but because of Mondale who relatively no one considered “the burning bush” of charisma, but even worse, he had a lot of serious political enemies.

So, Obama was elected and went right to work.  His first act was to sign into law a wholesale permiso of nearly unlimited abortion rights.  That act alone alienated him forever from at least 80% of the American “Right”.  Then the Soros machine really swung into action. Revamping Clinton’s unpopular health plan, and adding some of the better aspects of Gov. Romney’s plan for the State of Massachusetts, the machine utilized the fact that they controlled both Senate and House to push and bully an even more spendy [than Clinton’s] and  ill-conceived socialist health plan upon the Nation that had not one prayer of being funded in the lifetime of the presently alive generation of US taxpayers, tripling the National Debt beyond any Sovereign Nation’s capacity of repayment. But by so doing, Obama completely alienated Republican businessmen, and lost his one chance to utilize the cooperation of the true capitalists of American business and Wall Street. As a consequence, his Socialist far-left leaning business, foreign policy, trade and fiscal management team, clearly unsuited for the enormous task ahead of them, were unable to stimulate the economy with the one thing that lasts…full time jobs. Real employment for We the People, to whom he had made so many promises.

Instead of a real plan with feet under it, they threw us all a cash prize called a ‘stimulus’ to prove to the masses that now that they controlled the bankroll of America, and also because they and they alone, ‘truly cared’, the masses would get goodies of a sizable nature as their reward. Most of the people didn’t even count it before it was spent. Some people said they ‘saved’ it, but if they were able to do that, it’s because they already had enough cash to buy everything they needed and most of what they wanted before the ‘stimulus’. Of course the goodies continued, extended unemployment benefits, welfare and food stamps. No more ‘cash’ bennies, as the Republicans put a stop to the US Treasury financing any additional big screen TV’s, later resold on Ebay, but nothing they did could slow down the Democrats wild spending spree. Now desperate for some ‘real’ progress, but unable to manufacture a resurgence of the huge American economy and GDP they had never fully understood anyway, they began to flounder in their choice of economic plan. The problem with idealists is that they always think that if they don’t have what it takes personally, they can, somehow, buy it. But Republicans don’t like IOU’s, and since the Treasury was already out of money, otherwise known as shonuff broke, there was only one place left to go, the FED.

QE1, QE2, and QE3. Still no cigar. What else is there left to say?

Definition of ‘Keynesian Economics’

An economic theory stating that active government intervention in the marketplace and monetary policy is the best method of ensuring economic growth and stability.

Investopedia explains ‘Keynesian Economics’

A supporter of Keynesian economics believes it is the government’s job to smooth out the bumps in business cycles. Intervention would come in the form of government spending and tax breaks in order to stimulate the economy, and government spending cuts and tax hikes in good times, in order to curb inflation.

The problem, as I see it, is that getting ideas out of a book doesn’t always translate into good practice. For one thing, you actually have to understand what you’re reading. I’m pretty sure that if the Keynesian economic plan had been seen by the Republicans as viable for a solid capitalistic society such as the US, it would have been in full practice long ago and be the unwritten economic law of the land. I know that in managing my own corporations, this style of economics would have been a disaster before the ink dried on the business plan.

I said as much to a liberal friend of mine and he smiled and said, “Well, that’s simple to explain! You had a corporation, Keynesian Economics only works for a Country!!”
“Hmm, ok.”, I said, scratching my head, “If it doesn’t work for a Country, no wonder it doesn’t make sense for a corporation…right?”
“Right!”, he said, grinning now, “Exactly!”

I am not an economist, but even in listening to CNBC’s Squawk Box, I’ve heard a great many learned and successful economists decry the use of Keynesian Economics for a Nation as advanced capitalistically and complex politically as the United States.


So here we are, back at the beginning, and also, at the end.

“A nation or civilization that continues to produce soft-minded men purchases its own spiritual death on an installment plan.”  Martin Luther King Jr.

What does Martin Luther King mean by soft-minded men? My thought is that he is talking about people who are easily swayed by someone who talks a better game. We’re inundated with petty lawsuits, taking God out of every sort of public place and situation imaginable save Churches. The Oath of Allegiance is no longer said in schools because it mentions God. The Ten Commandments can no longer be displayed in a public place unless the specific State that the place resides in actually writes a law to allow it.  It’s no longer politically correct to say, “Merry Christmas”, “In God We Trust” is being removed from our coin of the realm, and the topper is that this year’s Oath of Office for the President of the United States no longer concludes with the statement, “So help me, God.”

Now here’s the question that keeps me up nights. I am absolutely certain that the “Right” in America has incredibly smart and educated Ivy League lawyers who could, if motivated, win a case or two. Why have they not brought Historical Precedent to bear in these law suits against the use of the name God? I’m equally certain that if they really wanted to, they could tie these law suits up in court until hell freezes over before they would concede the removal of God from our Country, Constitution, schools and public places. The removal of the mention of God was never put to a vote of the American people. It was simply granted by Supreme Court Judges who may or may not have thought about the fact that the majority of the people in America believe in God and would like to vote on whether or not He is relevant to Americans as a whole. Immigrants come to our shores just to be able to speak the name of God and worship in public. Ask nearly any Russian immigrant from Stalin and Lenin’s reign and they’ll tell you exactly that, and how disappointed they are that America has folded it’s identity to a few fast talking lawyers on the payroll of secular organizations, bought and paid for by known socialists and communists to destroy the inner core of our most deeply held belief.

So, why? Why? Right Wing Conservative highly educated and privileged lawyers? Why have you not brought your considerable talents and education to bear to protect a treasured ideal of our American identity? Are you also hoping for UN unilateral global domination? Have they promised you riches beyond your imagination? Think about that…that’s what we are beginning to suspect. Are we wrong? or is “Get It” or “Get Out” what you need to hear? Show some spine and help us reclaim our National identity. It’s not too late, just later than we would like. Ask yourselves if you really want to live in a UN dominated global community. Being a lawyer will not save you. You may think it will, but remember this, ‘global’ is the operative word. There will be no country you can hide in to have what you have now as freely as you have it if the UN is in charge. No secret society will save you from watching your children and grandchildren have to live in subjugation.

I told you there would be a test. How many of you will graduate?


The truth is that Martin Luther King was right. We ARE purchasing our spiritual death on the installment plan. I never really believed that he was murdered because he stood for civil rights. I believe he was murdered because he was too strong and charismatic a voice to be stifled as the disgusting agenda of the socialist secular machine was getting ready to pull the wings off the American Eagle. Believers are the real enemy. The true and strong enemy of all agendas that fly contrary to the beliefs of the believer. And Martin Luther King was a brave, heroic man. Not just a die-hard Republican man of faith, but a true leader of men. A man who wasn’t afraid to say “A nation or civilization that continues to produce soft-minded men purchases its own spiritual death on an installment plan.”

So my statement to true Patriotic American men and women is this. “You’d better find what courage you have left before you no longer recognize it.” If the American Right and moderate patriotic Democrats do not put their “issues” with each other aside for a few years and UNITE as ONE to protect and defend the United States Constitution, we will all wake up one morning and realize that OUR COUNTRY, AMERICA THE BEAUTIFUL has been stolen from us during the long night of the Reign of the Mad King.  A man who I firmly believe would have grievously offended Martin  Luther King.


“The storm’s getting worse…”

“Don’t worry, we’ll get through it soon enough.”

Closing conversation between River Tam and Mal in the movie Serenity


Note: All emphasis in the above document is mine.

2 thoughts on “Civilized or Just Soft? What Has Happened to America?

  1. Well said. It is important that we unite and we slowly are. I posted a link at almost the same time that you did to my article on resisting the police state. States away, we are all uniting in thought. You must resist..

  2. weststar3

    You just expressed how alot of us feel. The thought of people being afraid of freedom and the resposibility that comes with it, and to disgrace the men and women who died for that cause. It is the resposibility of this generation to wake up and make a stand.

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