America’s Problem is a Global Problem


I truly wish we Conservative thinkers had been right and we had gotten rid of this self appointed ‘The Man Who Would Be King” on Nov. 6. Unfortunately, the mindless crowds have once again chosen our destiny and we are left with a Soros trained and supported usurper of liberty.

But as in the days of old, Americans are not quickly subjugated. The anger is rising along with the determination to free ourselves from this insanity. Before these four years are complete, he will have awakened the sleeping lion and the lion will awaken the mindless millions of the ignorant.

My question is – “In what way did this regime manage to program the people who once were able to freely think and analyze?”

Never in the history of American politics have the people been more dense and less reactive to the blatant threat brought by acquiescence to secrecy, lies and undisguised efforts to control the present and future of what was once a free and independent nation of free thinkers. We are now faced with a complete and total loss of Freedom and the overwhelming pressure to robotically respond with absolute obedience to a nefarious regime that we would have once attacked with the full force of our military had it tried to conquer our Land. Yet, here we sit, attacked from within, and unable to oust the menace, armed only with opinion, writings, desperate pleas for sanity and mental cunning.

We are fighting a war we must win…cannot lose, or our Republic will be no more.

We must identify who and what we are truly fighting if we are to win this war. It is not Obama, the Pinocchio…but George Soros, the puppet master. Attacking Obama will avail us nothing. We need to find the weakness in the deeply structured and well thought out plan of Soros if we are to strike at the heart of this monster who threatens our very existence as a free people. His long range plan is to weaken America, the voice of global freedom, so that he can enact his true objective, Agenda 21 and U.N. global domination.

Unless we destroy the heart of the beast from within, we will not find liberty, even when we rid ourselves of the puppet narcissist, Obama. The Beast will march on and overtake the globe.

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