Latest CDC label of ‘gay disease’ another red flag just like North Korea. Wake up and smell the coffee.



A story about “one”, repeat “one” case of bacterial meningitis happening after a gay party and suddenly the CDC is saying it’s a “homosexual disease” and they want to mass inoculate gays? With what? some kind of creepy vaccine? I just don’t trust these people anymore. This is creepy and weird and so Nazi in it’s overtones. Get rid of the “outliers” type thing. Anyway it’s got my spidey sense going and I don’t like it. Who’s really behind all this crazy crap? I think there are people from both parties here that just want to tear America apart…piece by piece. We can’t fall for this. They’re hoping the Conservative Right will ignore this or think, “What the hell, who cares about gays?”, but I’m telling you, it’s a big red light blinking…stop and pay attention, see through the fog.

Whoever is behind this is counting on the conservative right to ignore it or even think, oh what the hell, it’s another ‘gay thing’…but I think we’re seeing the beginning of ‘weeding out’. This admin pretends to support certain groups, gains their trust, then steps all over them, and the RINOs are going right along with their programs.

Uck, this latest has a nasty smell to it. What group is next? Disabled? Elderly? Evangelicals? Vets? They’re coming at us from all angles and it’s getting serious. Whoever is driving their ‘take America down’ agenda has very little time left to get control, so they push these different ‘get rid of the problem areas’ tactics to make people think it’s “not just happening to us”. People are so tired of being targeted, that when it’s happening to someone else, they’re just relieved it’s not them. And they fall right into the hands of the perpetrators.

Driving the people with emotion, forget facts or truth, just emotion…and people are banging off the walls. The real victims of Sandy Hook now appear to be the parents, just like the Colorado families. Tools to drive more emotion. Real ‘secret society’ stuff…

“If you can’t drive people with truth, use emotion”.  So many ‘leaders’ have used that statement in one version or another that it’s impossible to attribute any one person with the quote.

There are no ‘good guys’ here anymore.  They all want power, money and control. Can they even be stopped? Not if we continue to allow ourselves to believe a single word they say. Korea is a false flag joke, Syria only a problem if we believe it, Iran only a problem if Russia gets involved and China will reap the profits from all of it. But they want us to believe it all, sucker into their bullshit. Run around going “OH MY GOD!” when the real threat is sitting right in Washington, DC, in positions of power, Democrats and Republicans alike…filling their pockets with Money from the Selling Out of America.

History does repeat itself…beware…they really think they’re on a roll and unless we stand our ground, they’ll drive us right into hell itself.

“The main obstacle to a stable and just world order is the United States.”—George Soros


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