The Real Agenda of George Soros Next Four Years


Soros Globalist machine is driving the left’s intentions to disarm America. We really need to keep our eyes wide open and focus on the UN AGENDA or we will get sidetracked by this administrations tactics of confusion. Divide and Conquer. The constant blaming of Republicans drives the Liberal left into a rage that is intended to keep the ‘Right’ on the defense. It’s so bogus because it takes two to tango in every situation.

The Republicans did not control both the Senate and House during Bush’s years in office. The DNC would have you believe that the right simply railroaded everything and they did not personally profit from any of it. That is so untrue, especially of Harry Reid. It’s even untrue of Obama, who came into office without much money but now has become enormously rich, but still uses taxpayer funds and Air Force One for golfing weekends when our Nation is sinking more into debt every day. Unconscionable and guaranteed to cause contention while the right yells ‘are you crazy?’ and the left retorts ‘Racists, you’re the ones who want big money!’. Since when, I ask you, is a weekend with Tiger Woods worth a million dollars funded by a people who are so broke that a large percentage of them are on food stamps and welfare? This insanity has to stop, period. I don’t care what color the man is, he’s off his rocker. All he does is talk. He doesn’t show up for briefings or meetings or policy decisions.

For years we have been inundated by false news reports and overblown rhetoric from many news networks, but now even CNN is calling foul on MSNBC for propagandizing.  When I accused them of this years ago, many Democrats shouted me down accusing me of racism, but that is totally untrue. The truth is, it has nothing to do with Obama, it is George Soros who controls the news media. Look around you, you’re still without a job or getting poorer and nothing has changed at all. Not one thing.

Wake up America…we’re nearly history. We’ll never be able to pay down this debt and the government will go after any debt owed with a vengeance, because they have to find the revenue somewhere to pay for these brainless bills that have been passed. Now the true cost of Obamacare is beginning to hit home to all Americans who work and they are not happy at all. Medicare is compromised to the point of nearly non-existence and fading fast. Not at all what was promised by our talker in chief. We’re so surrounded by lies by the left and the right we no longer have a compass to find our direction. McCain’s travesty of the NDAA bill is one case in point that will cost us all dearly, eventually.

The global machine has spared no expense to have Americans at each others throats. It’s simply absurd. Had Bush done the same thing Obama did spending a million dollars on a weekend playing golf, everyone everywhere would be yelling the same thing at him. “Stop, you idiot!” Which is what we all yelled when he spent so much on a fruitless war in Iraq, and we meant it. But now educated people are using silly schoolyard epithets that are demeaning to those who even repeat them. We must all wake up and understand how we are being manipulated before we lose our Country.

The Globalists will be throwing everything they have in every direction like confetti to keep us confused. Do not be distracted. The only agenda they’re really concentrating on winning is their plan to incorporate ALL Sovereign Nations into ONE GOVERNMENT. They cannot succeed unless they break the United States. We are the Epitome of Freedom and Democracy in the World today. I don’t believe any other situation, financial, economic, humanitarian, terrorist, even war itself, would really matter to them more than bringing America to it’s knees. I believe they are capable of not only involving us in numerous critical situations at the same time, but even creating them in order to achieve their goal.

Obama may think he’s bringing a more socialist tilt to America, but the truth is, Soros has a completely different idea, that of literal fascism and domination through Agenda 21 and other plans to take over America using the U.N. and leaving only crumbs behind.

There is NO evident foreign policy that I can see, just more attempts to obfuscate, instigate and orchestrate a fearful state of emotion in America to cow the populace until they cannot see through the smoke to sort reality from false flag fiction.

We must realize that this machine drives forward using our emotional reactions to create a smokescreen. When people are emotional they cannot ‘see’ objectively and therefore can be easily distracted and manipulated. This is the greatest offensive strategy of any Globalist Machine.


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