Faith and Prayer in Trying Times


I hope and pray it will be a good New Year next year. It would be good to pray in agreement on that with those of you who believe in God’s promises. Our Country really needs prayer also. It’s gotten so secular and careless. Difficult times, not to be taken without caution and patience in our faith.

The last 6 financially desperate years have been a real lesson in not taking the world for granted! I pray that God will soon show us a way to keep our lives from being so dependent on the world, which seems to want only to destroy us from within and cause us constant worry and concern. The Devil loves confusion. He must be ecstatic about now. He hasn’t had this much fun since the Great Depression.

I really try to keep myself from wallowing in that quagmire by living my faith, but sometimes it’s very difficult. Just about the time you think you’re going under in the quicksand, God sets everything to rights and we regain our balance again. I guess I need to pray everyday that I get up with a sense of balance and not be sidetracked by the incidentals of the world. I’ll make more of an effort to do that and with God’s help, I may succeed.

I have to pray constantly for God to strengthen my faith. Does anyone else have this problem? I’ve always considered myself a person of faith, and even in the darkest hour, working for God, helping the oppressed and infested, I felt no fear, but just a sound certainty in my next move. Even when I was surrounded by evil forces, and no priest or minister with authority was there to help me, I was able to stand, knowing they had given permission to proceed, I felt strong and sure.

The difference between those days and these, is that in my daily life I am not as well prepared or aware each minute to kick the devil away. There were things I did before going into such situations, that, as a rule, I don’t do everyday. Constant prayer and self examination everyday for weeks beforehand, confessing all my slips and sins to God, going to Communion to unite my spirit and soul with God, and reading scripture that God would point out to me each day to give me wisdom and discernment for the work to come.

What I have come to realize is that in today’s trying times, I need to do all those things everyday, if possible. I want to help others as I help myself. Only by keeping the negative thoughts and oppressive entities from knocking me off balance, will I be able to be of value. So, to that end, I’m going to write about exorcism, prayer, faith and love, and not politics for awhile. That pool is just too deep for anyone to paddle through, as evidenced by the total incapacitation of our government and administration. They may be showing up for work physically, and perhaps even mentally, but they’re hiding their souls in shoe boxes in the closet to keep them safe.

We as Christians only operate in the will of God if we keep our souls in our bodies. And to do that, we must know how to protect them. For that reason, I posted a short version first aid manual on exorcism. See post.

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