Jokers to the left of me, Jokers to the right…


Satan wears a lot of hats and masks, but that doesn’t mean he really has a head.

There are two great “mystery schools” in the world and they both want to be king. That’s the challenge, you see. Who will come out on top. Both groups are incredible liars, and pathological liars at that. They’ve been polishing their own brass so long they actually have come to believe their own lies and so they go on and on, destroying everything they touch, both screaming they’re right and the other is wrong. It was all a game that began as a bet, ‘Who would come out on top?’, but has disintegrated into something creepy and heinous and now they’re all in it so deep they no longer see where it all began. The Jokers have lost their perspective as we watchers knew they would, and are now mired in the soup of egocentric chaos, which was, in fact, where we all knew they would end up.

I’d laugh if I thought it was funny, but I don’t; never did.

The human being without a spiritual power source is a bag of water, salt and other minerals taking up space. This should be evident in the fact that although people can clone life, they can’t originate life. No ‘spark’, no life. And no matter how hard they try, they end up with nothing but a bag of water at the end.

The real problem began when the original power source laid down a few rules of conduct for the people he created. Nothing seems to irritate the human mind more than rules, so immediately there was trouble in Eden. As long as the human mind is capable of thought, it’s going to rebel against structure it does not think up or embrace on it’s own. It takes seconds to obey rules, but it can take a lifetime to figure out how to get around them. When one can’t escape the punishment of breaking the rules, they have to find a way to pretend the one who made the rules in the first place doesn’t care or doesn’t exist. No rule-maker, no rules….right?

The one thing rule makers realize is that people will spend any amount of time and effort necessary to avoid following those rules. Anyone who’s ever been a parent knows this. Anyone who’s ever told anyone else ‘not to do something’ knows that the other person is of a mind, they might do it anyway. They may do it openly or in secret, but they’ll do it…just to see if they can. Even when the consequences are dire, as long as they think they have hidden their acts from the rule maker, they feel they’ve ‘beaten the system’ and they rejoice. Burned fingers, scorched hair or dented fender, it makes no difference. They don’t think about the fact that they barely escaped…they’re more concerned that the rule maker never find out what they did. They’ll spend a lifetime holding onto that secret if necessary, and If the rule maker is human, it’s reasonable to think they may never find out.

But what if the rule maker is God? Not bound by human laws, amorphous and omnipresent, he is aware of all at all times.

So what are your choices? Become God, or if that’s not possible because he saw that coming (reading thoughts, you see, is his bailiwick) and the effort to become God leaves one screaming as they fall from heaven into hell, there’s only one other answer…pretend God doesn’t exist.

So times passes, the earth changes, but the devil is quick to help the disobedient humans advance by discovering new ways to pretend.  Since the refusal of humans to listen to God, he stopped listening to them and their ‘prayers’ bore no fruit. They found they couldn’t answer their own prayers as they have no personal power, nor could they ‘create’ anything new, so they began to manipulate that which already existed.

The devil knows he can’t hide anything from God, but if he lies convincingly enough and uses a bit of his own power to enable their manipulations, he can influence the mind of humans to believe they have gained ‘personal’ power and never needed God in the first place. They tell themselves that after God created them, he left and he no longer concerns himself with their affairs. That’s the first lie and the best one, because their minds God is no longer an omnipotent being but as crass as any human. So therefore, he doesn’t have to be a amorphous being they cannot see, he can be ‘one of them’ or man-like creature from somewhere who went back there after he was done creating. Once they decided that solution was a good one, anyone from anywhere who arrived, worked powerful deeds the people could not understand and left, never to be seen again, became a god.

And so two schools of thought and manipulation came into being. One school, openly following Lucifer, acting in reverse motion and intent to the ‘crass’ God who insisted on rules of personal conduct, and the second school, not wanting to throw the baby out with the bathwater, held onto the one God they ‘knew’ could work miracles. Both schools began to use the numbers, geometric structures and symbols God had originally introduced to the world to use for good, but soon, although both realized they could use these things to manipulate matter and energy for their own purposes, the second school realized it had to move further away from God’s prophets or face immediate wrath.

The first school began to embrace other forms of power they felt were also gods, but were really only Satan himself, masquerading. He let them use his power because he was then able to control their development. They thought his power made them personally powerful, so they embraced him and called upon his wisdom and guidance.

The second school kept God in the equation, but made up a complete set of their own rules, bending and twisting what God had written. They were actually embracing the mental influence of Satan, but not consciously realizing this, they rationalized each step in their progression of personal power aggregation as God’s will.  “He created the world, gave it to us, so he must have intended us to study it and find a way to use it to accomplish our goals.” The very second they began to change the rules, they sinned. God cannot look upon sin, so he turned his back and did not answer their prayers. He abandoned them to Devil who was only too happy to fill in their mental blanks with his words and actions. The people wanted to believe they were working with God, but God did not know them.

No matter how many prophets warned both schools that God was not fooled, and that, in fact, the only ones being fooled were those practicing these perversions of reality, the people continued to build and refine their manipulations. To abandon these practices would mean giving up their personal power that they had begun to love.

The first school knew they were in direct defiance of God, so when the prophets used words like “Sorcery” and “Witchcraft” to describe their ‘science’ of manipulation, they embraced those terms with pride.

The other school, knowing they were stretching the boundaries of acceptable behavior, not wanting to be chastised, but wanting to continue their work while living within their families and communities, became very clever. Thinking that if they ‘dedicated’ their ‘manipulations’ to God, they could fly under the watchful radar of the priests and the prophets. They knew what they were doing would land result in exile if exposed and they had to find a ‘cover’ that would keep secret the true nature of their research. They opted for words like “Mysticism” and “Esoteric”, for their works using words they knew were already in use by the true believers to explain true and amazing experiences with God on a personal level.

Using these words to describe their illicit magic gave the occult practitioners the ability to sound like they had religious sanction, at least in the minds of other humans. So the lie became a circle, pretending to be a religious quest and drawing the curious and the scholarly alike, clothed in respectability but in truth embroiled in a quest to manipulate the power of God for themselves. And now the practitioners of this ‘religious’ magic became truly occult, hiding in plain sight in the world they were creating for themselves. And so the devil found his mask.

Mystical means mysterious…what is a mystery? That which we cannot explain. It’s a tricky word, isn’t it? Used in a dual way as so many words are. Good or evil, it begs the question and the abstruse energy of the word can pervert the thinking. When one practices occult magic or sorcery which God does not condone and calls it mystical, esoteric, ethereal, spiritual, or righteous, the practitioner and all who believe him and follow his teachings are in the wrong. The word mystical comes from the Greek language and means “of hidden or esoteric meaning”. God does not hide anything. It is only Satan that hides and conceals. Adam and Eve did not ‘hide’ themselves until they broke the rules and were ashamed.

The truth is that both schools were and are equally in the wrong when it comes to God’s truth and they knew it in the beginning and know it now, no matter how much rationalizing they’ve done on a personal or group level. But rationalize they did, and have continued to do so until they and those who followed believed the lies, touting the ‘great and wonderful’ aspects of each school until even the righteous among them were fooled and tricked into following their lead. And so the devil found his hat.

The war began. Who would come out on top? Those in direct defiance, openly using the devil as a power source? Or those fooling themselves and others into “believing” that they were claiming God as their power source? Once God had turned his back on their sin, it no longer mattered how high they climbed in the spiritual registry among their peers, God did not know them. If their magic had any efficacy at all, the power came from Satan, then and now. Both mystery schools were about ‘personal power’ which denotes to ego. Consequently both groups are satanically powered, one by choice, the other by design.

So here we are, in 2017, and possibly on the brink of destruction. Why? Because the two “mystery” schools, Satanic or Luciferian mystery school and the “Mystical and Etheric” bogus God-based mystery school both want to destroy the world for their own purposes. One rationalizes to the innocent or uninformed of the Earth that they are doing it for the ‘good’ of mankind, while the other simply wants to destroy whatever there is until they can conquer all. But the truth is that each group thinks they will be the only ones left to run the world.

Satan wants to ‘show’ God how powerful he really is and start his own heaven. Both schools are his. All the Mystical schools that tout God with one hand and in secret know they bow to Satan are now being exposed to mankind. The leaders of these groups still pretend, because there are still powerful and faithful people in the world who have neither succumbed to the quest for personal power, nor do they subscribe to any beliefs that negate God as the Creator.

God has repeatedly warned the members of these mystery schools on a very personal level. They either ‘know’ the truth or they suspect the truth but don’t want to admit it. They’ve gotten in so deep on a social level, contacts, fame, celebrity, money, business, success, that they have put God’s warnings on a shelf, knowing that if they truly acted on them they would soon be persona non grata or called a fool by their ‘friends and fans’ and all their ‘success’ would vanish into thin air.

The members of each school have achieved their success through manipulation; engaging in rituals, oaths, swearing on fake bibles or other supposedly religious documents, symbols, objects of one sort or the other, participation in ceremonies, simple or lavish, using incantations, spells or false mantras to change the energy field of their bodies or environment. All the while, perverting (even if only slightly) what God originally gave mankind for their edification. You see, all these creations of God must be somewhat perverted by the practitioner or they won’t work. If they are perverted, Satan becomes the power source. If left entirely intact, God would be the power source and since God cannot look upon sin (the breaking of his His rules), nothing would happen when those rites are practiced.

God allows people free choice and if their choice is to believe they are gods themselves, he will allow them to do so. But trying to use anything God created to work magic is useless and the two original mystery schools know this…and so they must pervert it all even if only slightly before they can use it. Changing DNA, Genetic mutation, Chromosome manipulation; they test it all on the innocent so when they find out what works, they can keep themselves alive while the rest of the population dies from their poisoning and perversion of the natural that God created.

Manipulating the grain and vegetable crops is being done for a two fold use. One, to find a food source their future ‘created’ perfect bodies can use to stay alive, or keep the bodies they have now from dying, and two, to kill those they want to get rid of so there is more for them when they’re ready to change the entire structure of life on earth. They know it will be impossible for normal, original people to stay alive at that time, so they’re not concerned with how many die while they perfect their handiwork. In fact, the more the merrier.

Through aerial spraying, they’ve been changing the atmosphere and the way plants absorb nutrients a little at a time while life forms suffer and have only one way to stay alive. Mutation of the species.  The members of these schools are choosing mutation, (they call it evolution) but in their case, it is controlled by expensive doctors working in expensive clinics and laboratories the innocent pay to keep in business by heavy overcharging of prescription medications the ordinary people need in order to stay healthy. This travesty began prior WWll and continues to this day. In every war, more and more experimentation is done to see how effective their ‘designed’ medications are. They’ve managed to make ‘natural or holistic’ medication a laughing stock, even though the natural medicine works much better than their perverted chemicals. Just listen to the ‘side effects’ they state when a new ‘drug’ is introduced. It’s enough to cause the common person a panic attack.

Many people want to believe that all this is the work of alien life forms terraforming the earth for themselves. I tell you it is not…it’s the outcome of many years of planning, research, manipulation and the practicing of high magic by the two mystery schools of the earth. The members are regular human beings, not aliens. If there are any aliens, they probably made them. I doubt any alien with the intelligence to get to the earth would be that ridiculous, unless, of course, they are aligned with Satan also.

Satan is the alien of all time. Alienated from God, and alien to this universe. But because of the hunger of these people for personal power over all things, those ‘what once were human but are human no longer’ he will soon be ready to announce his crowning achievement….the mutation of the blood Jesus Christ…the AntiChrist. The reason the ‘man of the hour’ will be ignorant that He is the chosen one to become the antichrist at this time is because they have not yet injected him with the perverted chromosomes and genetic material. Once they do, he will ‘become’, and the most destructive and powerful force ever to ‘live’ on this planet will be unleashed. The false prophet will work ‘miracles’ using this false blood and the beast will consume all that do not bow down.

So, the question remains…will one of these two mystery schools ever rule the world? Temporarily, yes, they will both rule the world at the same time, but the devil cannot defeat his own creator. The devil has only the power at hand that God gave him originally. He is not omnipotent so he will fail in his efforts to support all the manipulations of all the human beings who relied upon his power to set things in motion and keep them going. It will take all the demons in hell to support the power drain of the antichrist, false prophet and the beast, so very little will be left to keep his practitioners going, not that he ever cared about them anyway. He will destroy them in his efforts to save himself and they will fall as Satan struggles against the power of God.

So here’s the final word. This is a warning to those of you who belong to either mystery school. The devil has taken on more than he can chew and you will be the first casualties of this battle. Not God’s people. Those who believe the lies you told while you were conniving and convincing them to follow you have sinned, yes, but in error, not in intent. Are they innocent? No. But will they suffer the same fate as you? No. Will their downfall be as dramatic? No. So have you won anything at all? No. Will you live after this? No. But the innocents will be the ones shoveling the dirt onto your graves.

If you steal food and eat it, will it edify your body? No. If you feed it to another but that person prays over it and asks God to bless it, will it edify him? Yes. Because anything that we give thanks to God for and ask him to bless will become real. As above so below. All here below is a carbon copy of what is above. Only truly praying from the heart and soul to God and giving thanks and asking for his blessing upon it makes it real.

When God enters into judgement all that he has blessed will remain. All he has not blessed will disappear and be purified with fire.

So those of you who are humble, faithful and believe in God, remember the words of St. Paul…”Be thankful to God in all things.”

“Thus saith the Lord the maker thereof, the Lord that formed it, to establish it; the Lord is his name; Call unto me, and I will answer thee, and show thee great and mighty things, which thou knowest not.” Jeremiah 33:2-3

May God bless you and guide your minds, hearts and your steps that you stand strong in the day of evil.

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