America! Don’t get Manipulated into a Civil War!


I have only one thing to say about a pending Civil War in America. I am a US Veteran. I have been in combat. It is bloody, horrendous, shocking and destructive to the soul of mankind. I do not want a war on American soil. I do not want to be forced to fire upon my neighbors, the people I see at the mall, my church, my grocery store. We would be looking down the sights of our rifles and seeing ourselves.

This is a very large country. My children and their children do not live where I can protect them. A war puts everyone in the line of fire. Tragedies like Aurora and CT happen everyday, all day, in war.

People need to stop and think about what they are doing and saying. The politicians that cannot seem to do their job and the media that are so busy inflaming and instigating anger and hatred will not be here if we go into a civil war. They all make enough money to leave until we are broken, bruised and bloody, and then they will return like a plague of locusts to feast on what is left and pat each other on the back, and rebuild this country right into what it is now, a shadow of it’s former self, of what our Forefathers envisioned.

There was a time that “Reporter” and “Correspondent” meant uncovering the facts and reporting the actual NEWS. They were not paid to “Comment”. We have now a MSM that believes their “Comments” and “Opinions” ARE the NEWS.

There was a time when the people we elected to Congress and the Presidency actually cared more about America than their own bankrolls and personal agendas. They would sit down at the table and negotiate. They would look at the Country as a whole and make sure that what they accomplished in session benefited the entire Country.

But years ago, they found the lure of money too much to pass up. They signed on with the agendas of men like George Soros and world bankers, who had no loyalty to mankind, only greed. They got in those pockets and then were forced by their greed to promote their agendas, even though, in the back of their minds, they knew they were selling out America and the rest of the people of the world.

Now the UN is making laws like it is a sovereign nation, attempting to force the agendas of the money men on the rest of us. Attempting to force all nations into political systems that never worked, such as socialism and communism, because they know that if they do they can easily defeat the people, as socialism and communism reduce the individual’s rights to the rights of the “group-mind”.

We cannot attack each other and survive as a people. We must stand against the true threat and realize that we are systematically being controlled and herded by the true villains and dictators of world policy. Combating each other, Liberal against Conservative, is to undermine the true strength of America. The true democratic process of this Republic.

If America is to survive, it must stop delineating between who is left and who is right and find a moderate common ground that once again supports all views. Most people who identify themselves as liberals have no idea how they are being manipulated by this administration, which is completely and willingly being used as a tool by Soros and the world bankers to trash the American Republic. They are distracted, as are the Conservatives, by endless dramas and traumas, false flag emergencies and causes, and kept from seeing the actual damage being perpetrated behind the scenes by the big engines of global conquest and domination.

If we must fight, at least let us fight the proper enemy. Realize we are being had, realize we are being manipulated to be angry at each other, blinding us by stupid insults and childish name calling. Pushing the buttons of every American’s civil and personal rights is simply a game with this huge machine. They know that the one thing we hold dear and have always held close to our heart is, in fact, the Bill of Rights and the Constitution of the United States.

Those who attack these tenets of America know full well that we will get caught up in mindless retorts of anger when we feel that they are threatened. They are counting on this. They pushed for Obama’s presidency, knowing that the civil rights issue in America was still a hot topic in this country, once again distracting and dividing us on a point of racial equality that forced earlier Americans into a long struggle against racism and the main instigator of our first Civil War. Thousands of Americans died then but millions could die if we fall into their trap. The UN sits like a crazed and frustrated Chimpanzee, waiting impatiently until we begin to fight, so they can swoop down and claim America as ‘their’ property, since, by that time, they’ll be able to convince the rest of the world that we are indeed out of control, people are dying and they can step in as heroes to stop the violence that the UN itself has perpetrated and played us like fools to give them.

We have to stand up as Americans United, but we need to stand in the face of our true enemy and it is not US!!!

2 thoughts on “America! Don’t get Manipulated into a Civil War!

  1. We have more in common, the left and the right, than anyone wants to admit. But no one will come together to discuss those things that could unite us. The left was against NDAA 2012, DHS, TSA, Patriot act and so forth. We need some way to stand on that common ground. But they pushed the BIG red button when they went for gun control. The divide is now a chasm

    • There must be some moderate liberals out there. I grew up around so many in ND. The newly elected ND Dem Rep ‘Heidi’ came on Fox to say she would vote against gun control. Perhaps someone else heard her say that…if they ever watch Fox News. One can only hope, I guess. I thought it spoke volumes about how grassroots America really feels about the 2nd Amendment and our rights as Americans.

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