Who’s Behind Curtain #1? Soros or ?


Something is really beginning to smell in Washington and it’s wafting over the entire Country. I think we may be looking at a real problem building under our noses and not realizing how much trouble it could really cause for this Nation.

When Barack Obama ran against Sen. John McCain, AZ in 2008, the public thought it was a Democrat against a Republican, but what if it was neither? What if it was one Soros/UN poster boy against another poster boy? What if it didn’t matter who won, Soros/UN won either way? Is there a ‘shadow’ agenda ready to put in play??

We’ve all begun to notice an excessive amount of ammunition and guns being purchased by the Department of Homeland Security. It seems to be way too much for any innocent purpose. Even Forbes called them on it today and said ‘It’s time for a National Conversation!”


The Southern Poverty Law Center also came out recently denouncing those who are defending the Constitution and specifically the 2nd Amendment as ‘militia’ and possible criminals for bucking the agenda for arms control. Including in their article that “Civil War’ was a possibility according to some right wing groups.


Why, after last week’s 13 hour filibuster by Sen. Rand Paul, did Sen. John McCain speak so harshly to and about a fellow US Senator for defending the citizens of the United States against targeted drone killings by a President, ‘any’ President, without our legal rights being observed? He’s aware there is a lot of controversy over arms control and immigration control, he’s from Arizona and they have severe problems with the drug cartels crossing the “what should be secure but isn’t” US border into AZ. The kidnapping and crime rate in AZ because of the cartels is horrifying. Why would they not want their guns to combat the guns of the cartels? Even Sen. Gabby Gifford’s husband just bought an AR-15 the day after speaking out for gun control last week. An AR-15 is definitely an ‘assault’ military style weapon, even though those available to the ordinary citizen are not able to be fired on full automatic.

Even Newt Gingrich is wondering ‘what happened’ to John McCain for him to make the remarks he did after Rand Paul’s filibuster…


Why would McCain use dehumanizing remarks such as “wackobirds” to describe the concerned citizens of this Country who supported Rand’s filibuster?

Newsweek came out with a large cover picture stating “Cuckoo Birds” on it. A direct slam against the Tea Party, Patriots, Veterans and various patriotic organizations who vigorously support the Constitution and the 2nd Amendment as well as the 1st, 4th, 5th, 10th and 14th amendments. In other words, those who support the Constitution are basically over-reacting, nuts, ridiculous. Bear in mind that the person making these allegations is a seated US Senator. Why would a US Senator think that defending the Constitution of the United States and the Rights of the American People silly or crazy?

Once you dehumanize or de-individualize  someone it’s easy to pull the trigger.  Ask any soldier. The guy you’re aiming at ceases to be a person and simply a ‘being’ keeping you from your objective, whatever it is.

I’m not sure what all this means, but the U.N. has long wanted in on US soil. If a civil war breaks out with the Patriotic Right, they can rush in to save us…and stay until no ‘crazy’ American wants to fight over saving the Constitution.

I’m just asking questions…someone knows the answers.  I’m not interesting in hearing rhetoric, only the actual truth.

If what I think I’m seeing is a glimpse of something more invasive and sinister, we need to keep our eyes wide open and pay attention to the direction these remarks of McCain and actions of Obama carry the sentiment of the Nation.

2 thoughts on “Who’s Behind Curtain #1? Soros or ?

  1. Where to begin, most people who know me understand that I’ve done my homework on the globalist George Soros. He wants a unified world with a single monetary note based on markets that he can control along with the likes of Buffet, Gates and others behind the schenes pulling the strings. A global economy will bolster their strength and leave a boardroom to run the world vs. Individual Governments. Call me crazy but why print money to no end, inflate the dollar while the euro fails. China artificially keeps their money lower than dollar to control exchamge rate “see ponzi scheme”. Come on people pay attention. Constitutional conservatism would never allow this so as Alinsky says they must demonize, discredit and destroy their opponent. Wake up America and Fight the Tyranny

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